Using your hands, tear open the packaging; do not use a knife or scissors as that may damage the product. After unpacking the drain, massage it with both hands, rolling it back and forth to get the roundness back. You will only have to do this once. (Hint: The drain will unroll itself if you don’t hold it together while removing protective wrapping.)



Ex-Stream Drain will fit a standard 4” drain bend. This product is designed to fit snuggly onto a 45 or 90 degree bend on the downspout. To attach Ex-Stream Drain, slide it over the rectangular downspout bend.



Three color-coated screws are included with the Ex-Stream Drain.  The screws are self-piercing and should easily puncture the drain when you use a Phillips head. Make sure to install the screws on each side. Do not install a screws on the top or bottom of the drain segments; it could trap debris.



If you purchased more than one Ex-Stream Drain, you should have also purchased a coupling- a coupling is needed to connect the drains.  Do not use anything else to connect the drain; it will not look appropriate or function correctly.



To install the Ex-Stream drains together, take one and wiggle it halfway onto the coupling. Fasten three color-coated screws onto each side.  Next, take the other Ex-Stream Drain and repeat the process on the other side of coupling.


    • Always lay Ex-Stream Drain straight; do not bend. If you want to redirect the drain, you need to install the proper 4” metal elbow from your local hardware store.

    • If you have a 6” downspout, you will need to purchase the 45 or 90 degree elbow that is designed to reduce the drain to fit the 4” Ex-Stream Drain.

      1. First, take the elbow and wiggle it onto the 6” downspout.

      2. Install three screws- one on the front and one on each side.

      3. Take the required coupling and insert it into the reduced end of the elbow.

      4. Secure the elbow properly by fastening 3 screws at equal intervals around the downspout.

      5. Finally, attach Ex-Stream Drain onto the coupling, then install the last 3 screws on each side to secure.

    • With your order, you will receive (1) 8 ft. Drain Segment and two color-coated screws.

    • You have the ability to trim and extend Ex-Stream drain to any length. To extend, attach several segments of the drain together using couplings.

    • NEVER Install a screw on the bottom of the drain segments; it could trap debris.

      **To keep products looking their best, occasionally clean with soapy water and a brush, then rinse. **